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No Time to Bleed - Ep27 - Cobra

September 17, 2017

Travel back to 1986 to the Reagan era with its no-nonsense rogue cops looking to solve the worst of the worst of societal diseases...crime! Sylvester Stallone stars in Cobra, a film that takes 80s action movie tropes and pushes them to a level of pure insanity. While trying to save a woman from a murderous cult of ax, knife, and/or sledgehammer wielding lunatics, Cobra is forced to take his style of policing to the limit. This one is for the record books. You won't believe the information from behind the scenes on the history of this film. You will notice how it oddly influenced future action films, and much more! Welcome back to the fun that is No Time To Bleed!

Video Version of the Review: here

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