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No Time to Bleed - Ep36 - Con Air

September 9, 2019

Welcome back to "No Time to Bleed" our premium show all about ridiculous action movies that we love! This time the guys take on the 1997 action classic, "Con Air" starring Nicholas Cage as a former Army Ranger who is sentenced to prison for killing a man in self-defense. Years later, Cameron Poe (Cage) is granted parole and hitches a ride on a prisoner transport plane to make it home to see his waiting wife and daughter. The plane is of course hijacked by the prisoners on board, headed by Cyrus the Virus (John Malkovich). This movie is pure bonkers and we take you through it bit by bit so you can enjoy the insanity of Cage's Alabama accent, John Malkovich chewing up every scene, and much more!!!

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