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Airing of Grievances - Ep101 - The Diplomat’s Club

March 28, 2019

This week on Airing of Grievances, Jay and Micah return to discuss the episode entitled "The Diplomat's Club." The hosts discuss the episode in which Jerry plans to meet Bridgette (Berta Maria Waagfjord), a supermodel, at an airport lounge (the "Diplomat's Club" of the title) after returning from a quick air roundtrip to a "gig" in Ithaca, NY, but his assistant makes the trip a nightmare. Elaine is planning to tell Mr. Pitt she is quitting but reconsiders when he tells her that she's going to be mentioned in his will. George tries to prove to his boss, Morgan, that he is not a racist, as Morgan has been offended when George tells him that he looks like Sugar Ray Leonard. Micah also has an interesting mental exercise to try in reference to the episode.

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